Retirement Planning in Dubai, UAE

As you plan for every detail of your home and work life, we also suggest a plan for life in your golden years!

What’s the point of working hard all through your youth if you can’t live out your senior years comfortably?

You can plan today for your life after retirement. Dr Rafiya Mushtaq is the best financial consultant in Dubai and her expertise can guide you to ensure that you enjoy the same comforts post-retirement as you do today. Here’s what she does:

  • A detailed understanding of your goals pre and post-retirement.
  • Analysing where you are currently and where you want to be after retirement.
  • Developing a customised investment plan that ensures a comfortable life for you and your loved ones post-retirement.
  • Planning for any unfortunate incidences.
  • Helping you with other covers and plans you may desire as well as tweaking any plan to suit your goals and desires.

A popular plan is a dollar-based plan with a pension option. Here, you can invest for a short-term of 1 -4 years only!

You can ensure sufficient passive income post your work-life to keep you living comfortably!