Independent Financial Advisor in Dubai

Financial planning in Dubai can seem overwhelming for anyone, especially for an expat. The tax norms and laws here require individuals and business to secure their hard-earned money in the correct way for accruing wealth. As an independent financial advisor in Dubai, Dr Rafiya can help you plan your finances in a profitable and secure way for the future.

She has been an investment advisor in the UAE for over a decade and is aware of all the intricacies of the financial and legal requirements. Further, her ability to understand your financial goals and bring them to fruition within your financial resources make her a trustable and credible personal financial planner in Dubai.


Critical Illness Cover

The plan that cares for your family in case you cannot.

Child Education

Start small today to give your child a big future tomorrow.

Keyperson Insurance

Ensuring your business flourishes even if you lose a ‘Keyperson’.

Partnership Insurance

Prevent dilution of your business in case of an unfortunate incident with a partner.

Business Loan Protection

Safeguard your business stakeholders at all times!

Life Insurance

The right plan that cares for you in case you cannot.


Financial planning empowers you to control your financial situation and enhancing your sense of security. Timely planning can help you reduce stress, achieve short and long- term goals and live a comfortable life. Along with inculcating a systematic & disciplined investment mechanism, the right portfolio helps in creating wealth over a period of time.


Just like financial planning is important in offering your family and you financial security in the future and peace of mind in the present, securing the financial future of your business is also important. Business solutions help business owners plan for any unexpected event by opting for a cover.