Child Education planning in Dubai, UAE

Planning your child’s educational future can be a daunting and often requires a financial advisor for this overwhelming task

With a diverse range of fields available these days, opportunities are vast for any skill or business aptitude.

However, the varying university or school fees can make education a huge burden if not planned for beforehand.

Rafiya’s Education Planning Service helps you ensure a bright future for your child without compromising your life today.

Key highlights include:

  • Analysing the fee structure of top universities in prominent locations such as the UAE, US, UK, Canada, Europe, India, Singapore, and Australia
  • Evaluating the fee requirements of business as well as professional courses
  • Accounting for inflation impact in the subsequent years till the actual start of education
  • Creating a customised investment plan to secure your child’s educational future

Rafiya can help you follow a practical plan that helps secure your child’s educational future without any financial burden on you. A disciplined approach to saving can help take a small amount of money and turn it into a huge return.