Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is mandatory for Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents.

Medical insurance can be individual or for a group.

The world is progressing leaps and bounds and yet medical illness is on the rise. Everything from common illness to critical ailments have become part of the norm. Along with taking a toll on your physical health, these illnesses can also drain your bank account unless you have Medical Insurance.

The right plan can help limit your cost not just for the treatment, but also for the various diagnostic tests, preventive care, post-surgery care, emergency services, and a host of other expenses.

You will be able to receive the benefits of the best medical insurance at an affordable premium. In addition, these plans ensure that you won’t have to skimp on medical care to save cost but can opt for the finest treatment at lower costs.

Individual medical insurance

Get a tailor-made medical plan that meets all your requirements and offers you coverage against medical concerns within your budget.

Basic benefits (can be customised):

  • Hospitalization, medications, and diagnostic expenses
  • Maternity coverage
  • Coverage for doctor’s fees and pharmaceutical costs
  • A daily income insurance in case of an accident or hospitalization
  • Table of benefits
  • Network list

Group medical insurance:

A cost-effective yet practical coverage plan customised for your company. The plans can be customised taking in account the health of the employees. Here, your employees receive detailed medical coverage that helps them stay healthy and offers assistance during recovery.

Group medical insurance is one of the highest acclaimed perks for an employee that is beneficial to them and their family.

An insurance advisor and tailor-made plan can ensure your employees are productive, healthy and secure thus giving their best to the company.