Critical Illness Cover

Financial freedom during your earning years seems invigorating.

However, while the world may be your oyster today, no one can guarantee tomorrow.

While investing is important while you earn, planning for when can’t is equally essential.

In case of an unfortunate incident that hampers your earning ability, it can be devastating for your family and loved ones as well.

Critical illness insurance offers protection or coverage against severe illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Not only does this illness impact your life and your earning capability, it can hurt your loved ones too. To ensure, you have access to the best treatments and medical professionals at affordable costs, this coverage is a must. Critical insurance provides a lump-sum, tax free payment against pre specified illnesses.

You need critical illness cover because:

  • They are often unpredictable and life-changing
  • The treatment is long-term and incurs high costs
  • Every individual has a different budget
  • Every plan has a diverse range of benefits and riders

Ensure you and your family are always financially secure with a separate cover for cancer and critical illness.

Cancer insurance

Cancer has become a global disease that is life threatening. Diagnostic costs, chemotherapy, radiation treatment or even surgery – hospital bills can pile up fast and leave your bank accounts empty. Opting for this cover helps to manage financial risk associated with cancer.