Why make a Will

The Importance of a Will in the UAE

Learn about the need and importance of a Will for every expat living in the UAE. This document gives you and your family the peace of mind and security for their future.


5 Benefits of Financial Planning

5 Benefits of a Credible Financial Planner in Dubai

“If you don't take care of your money your money won't take care of you.” ― Mac Duke

A common misconception is that earning income makes you a millionaire. The truth is without accurate financial planning, you’re millions won’t last long. Here, we talk about the importance and benefits of financial planning in not just maintaining but even growing your wealth.


Here’s Why Your Business Needs Keyman Insurance

When Imran met with a near-fatal accident that left him bedridden for more than a year, the agony was not limited to his family. A star performer, the 35-year-old was instrumental in driving business sales of his company.


All you need to know to retire comfortably in the UAE Retirement tips for a better future

The retirement era is one when you get to sit back and reap the benefits of your hard work. This is the time when you should be able to spend your days in luxurious comfort without stressing about where or how the money is going to come.